The best eBay erhu instruments of 2021

You are looking for strange instruments, not known by a mass public, with the uncertainty that you can find little or what you find is not up to the task. Not to the case! The Erhu Invasion of eBay is here, come to stay and catch all those super fan users of a unique violin in the world

Because of its finishes , because of the peculiar shape it has, because of the length it presents, reminiscent of the shape of a guitar, etc. The erhus catalog on eBay is segmented into all kinds of prices, in different wood finishes and multiple ways to get hold of it , whatever your current budget.

And it is that in this instrument the value is usually presented higher than normal, but in we will do the impossible so that you have what you want right now, from this precise moment. ”ErHui” and ”eBay.” .. it sounds very similar, at least at first, but even more similar is the way we write it. We cheated a bit by capitalizing h and final i 😜. This anticipates something good, very good… Come and enjoy the show!

List of the Best Erhu Violin Deals on eBay

What models of Chinese erhu instruments do we currently have for sale on eBay?

Depending on the type of wood you have, have more or less accessories added to the pack and for the type of user it is intended for, we can classify the different types of erhu instruments that are for sale on eBay. We have selected 3 of the best-selling models in the catalog, backed by being very high in the catalog of the hundreds of erhu that are sold:

Erhu instrument in vintage style on eBay

The most accessible model preserving details of high erhu ranges , leading to an unbeatable value for money . It all starts with the attachment in charge of playing the erhu, very resistant to tears and scratches. No, we do not say that you are going to scratch it, but with the passage of time and the rubbing of it on the strings, many of these present a texture of their finish as something whitish. That’s for starters, but it has much more: its head is shaped like a hexagon, responsible for giving the appropriate tone to the instrument, and it is in very good condition despite use at a medium level, that is, it has been moderately used.. Other things to highlight is the double grip to tighten the strings and, therefore, tune the erhu. It is in a linear finish, of the same vintage type, and it is anti-humidity and also resistant to tears

It is one of the TOP 5 erHus sold on eBay and that best responds to minimum customer satisfaction, that is, those users who are just entering the world of erhu . It has a distinctive of Chinese letters that ensures you are in front of a 100% original product from China, that is, it is original, not a cheap copy , as many say that on eBay they sell that of imitation products. It weighs just over 1kg , being in front of one of the most versatile models, and its pack does not include a cover, which is designed to give it a more private than public use. Not being able to protect it and not being able to wear it comfortably, make it more inclined to this use. However, you can take your erhu and take it to a public road, surprise more than one. We give you freedom from that and you can surprise us. Those users who have a little budget and want an erhu that meets the minimum benefits , this is the model they have to choose

Erhu instrument in rosewood wood on eBay

Same instrument in shape as the previous one apparently, but it is presented in a better finish from the head to the entire instrument itself: One of the differences with respect to the previous model is found precisely in its head, which has like glass ornaments in a warm color and surrounded by a kind of outline in successions of points and curved lines , reminding us a lot of the decoration of a painting of yesteryear or vintage style. If the vintage eBay erHu violin was upholstered in a dark brown, it is now upholstered in a deep black . The same happens with the accessory in charge of making the erhu sound, which happens to be in a somewhat lighter tonality. The attachments responsible for tuning the erhu are also surrounded by small dressings similar to those found in the head

This model is more resistant than the previous one, which means that it will last you longer in time. The same with the splinter in charge of strumming the strings, which has a somewhat more robust appearance and is even more resistant to tearing, ready to give intensive use of being several hours with it . The previous model is to give it a more “light” use, more occasional, this in a more professional sense . The shape of its head is similar to that of a concertina instrument. By the way, it includes a double beam to strum its strings , while with the first commented model we only have one. This violin happens to have a higher price, reaching over 400 dollars, but we can say, without shame, that this model is the best high-end at the cheapest possible price . This erhu has nothing to envy to others that are sold close to a thousand dollars or exceeding a thousand. If you are an advanced user, you do not want to spend a lot of money and you want a professional erhu , this is the model you have to choose

Erhu instrument in exclusive ebony wood on eBay

This model changes in everything: that if the shape of its head, with the same edges in a hexagonal shape, but its body in a kind of cylinder, its sides with a finish that looks more like a beehive than anything else (only missing bees), an outline of Chinese nomenclature on the side of the head, showing us something that we will now tell you, an exclusive wood not mass-manufactured and one of the most exclusive on the market and a double blank string of animal gut, the most resistant and that sound better on the market . They say that everything that comes from nature is presented as something unique, proof of this is the type of string it presents, which is of organic origin, nothing that you undergo chemical processes.The wood he uses is used in high-end furniture, with values ​​of over $ 1,000 . You can already get an idea of ​​what kind of erHu you have in front of you …

The most sophisticated of all, the most TOP in finishes, the one that sounds the best, worthy of being carried by the “Erhuistas” (we use this word derived from “artist”, said like this in Spanish). Its price is located above a thousand dollars, specifically in something more than 1,300 dollars . Its high price is justified by things that we did not tell you, such as that it includes a high-end briefcase and all kinds of accessories that will come as a glove when it comes to touching, keeping and wearing your erhu . Hundreds of people guarantee that with an instrument finished in splinter of ebony, and giving it very strict care, you can endure with at least five years . From then on it will depend on how much you use it. This model isawarded by those who give private erhu classes or who play in public with other people . There are other models that are also sold expensive, but this is the one most trusted by the seller and by the hundreds of customers who have already bought it. If you are an expert user of playing the erHu, have a loose budget and want the best Chinese violin on eBay , this is the model you have to choose

Why buy the erhu instrument on eBay?

Have you ever seen that we use erHu on several occasions? With the H we wanted to refer to the word “hype” , a word that is widely used by Spanish speakers when we show our impatience when it comes to having a unique product in the market in our hands . The erhus are already unique, and the ones that we cover in this catalog extracted from , much more … You have a money-back guarantee available for low-class and high-class models , where you are most interested in having this promotion, given the starting price for upper-class erhus. The default warranty is 30 days , but it can be much longer if you do the following:

If you pay the protection of ”Square Trade” , which depending on the high range of erhu that you want is presented in a greater number of years, and therefore, a higher price of the same, you can have from 1 year of warranty in the erhu cheaper than we discuss here, for a modest price of $ 21 additional. If you go to the more premium erhu model, you can have a two-year warranty for just over 100 dollars or up to four years for almost 240 dollars , an option designed for those who have more budget and are going to give it a loose use

The online transaction of your erhu on eBay will be carried out with Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Paypal bank cards . When selecting your shipping method in eBay’s erhus, you can select standard delivery, with free shipping cost, and taking a few weeks or up to a month , in the best case, up to more than a month if you order your erhu in a peak sales month , like Christmas. You can also select express deliveries , leading to you having to pay an extra shipping cost . The delivery delay of your erhu will also depend on how long it takes the seller to pack and deliver the product to the parcel agency., once you have paid

PS: There are certain countries where it does not shipContact us, tell us when you are visiting us and we will tell you whether or not you can deliver to that destination, and in case you cannot receive it, we will look for the best possible alternative. The final fireworks, the most interesting, for the end: you have the mode of payment in financing or in loans whatever the range of erhu you want , low-end at an accessible price, or high-end at a more unaffordable price. You can even acquire your erhu in 6 months without being affected by interest, from 12 to 24 months with added interest , thanks to the “Paypal credit”