Oriental Music Santuary brand erhu instrument protective case | The purchase you have to make if you want to ensure extra years of life for your erhu!

We did not want to start with the usual roll of whether it was very sold, whether it is the product that users ask the most about, whether it is for one type of user or another, etc. We have wanted and we want to be direct: you are just a few minutes from saving your newly new or released erhu, or much more, if it is a highly used second-hand one

It often happens that many of the erhus that are sold do not come with protective covers included, something that more than one user misses for different reasons , not only for the issue of protection. Things like going down the street, when it starts to rain and the instrument gets wet, you are in serious danger of damaging the instrument

Things like that will not happen to you, if you first have this briefcase with you to transport your erhu instrument from a Chinese brand that we analyze in depth in this section. Just by telling you that it is from there, you can imagine what you are going to find. If you can’t imagine it, don’t swipe down!

What are the main features of Oriental Music Santuary brand erhu protective cover?

One of its details is present in very few ranges of protectors in the segment. What is it about? See for yourself:

  • The upholstery on the outside . As a kind of wool with the presence of small white balls, you will well realize that when you give it a dry blow, the touch with it will be very pleasant and at the same time rough, due to the internal material from which it is made . The use of a cotton-polyester material will make it last longer on the outside , in addition to giving it a “look” at the level of the TOP protective covers for Chinese violin on the market
  • The double handle that it has incorporated . A single one, which extends along the entire diameter of the briefcase, to be carried as a backpack on the back. Another is a double handle to carry it in your hand like a computer briefcase . This makes us face one of the covers that gives us more flexibility when using different ways to grip it , the one that is most comfortable. All of them are made of rubbers that withstand strong pulls, and the incidence of light and rainwater
  • Triple relief on one of the sides of the briefcase . This detail is present in other suitcases such as travel ones . This helps you know where you have to leave it lying on the floor, preventing the whole body from touching the floor , which is usually more stained than if you leave it on your desk or bed. There is no doubt that this will make you less on top of it when cleaning it . Any detail adds up and this could not be less
  • Double zipper arrangement . In case you want to open it halfway, whether you have to keep an important accessory, such as spare strings on duty, you can leave one of the zippers closed almost to the top and open the other a little to insert whatever you want or you will have more flexibility to close your case at one end or the other . This is not a revolution but it is worth saying
  • Its extremely high resistance . Contextualized by the price it has, nothing could presage that with this protective case for the Chinese violin you were going to have a protection of a very high level, and that’s the way it is, because the case that is incorporated inside is extracted from resin elements, to the Once it is lined in a velvety material so as not to lose the conjunction with the finish on the outside of the suitcase. Its thickness is at least 10cm . With this, if you drop it even from a ledge in your bedroom very high, your erhu will not suffer any damage
  • Double pocket inside . And both with opening, to store very restrained elements of the erhu such as bridges, spare cords grouped in the shape of a circle . These are located in the center of the briefcase, right in the part where the erhu is left lying on its side. You can also store everyday things such as house keys, your smartphone or the sheet music that you are going to play . Of course, make sure you do not leave the suitcase alone with all this inside

Best Offer of the protective wrap for erhu instrument coming from Musical Oriental Music brand

What else will I be able to achieve with this upper-mid-range protective case for your erhu instrument?

Few evaluations have been received, a priori it would seem that it is not demanded by users at all, but nothing is what it seems: Oriental Music Santuary is one of those stores that you have to trust , although this you will only have once you do first purchase with them and receive in your hands what you want, but from erhuinstrument.shop we can assure you that in China it is one of the companies that sells more instruments from that country in China and in any corner of the world . Your briefcase is made to measure so that it adapts to the most minimal or highest demands of the client, keeping that excellent value for money

The total size of this briefcase is just over 1.5m , standard measurements that we find in other protective briefcases for erhus. Its ergonomics is another of those that you will appreciate, and we refer exactly to the weight, which despite having a very robust material, it is light and will make you want to take it from one place to another . Another of the things that it has that will make the purchase of this cover a success, is the impermeability of its structure, capable of withstanding even the most adverse rainy days . Still, please don’t abuse this. One thing is waterproof and quite another is submersible. Both external and internal material corrupts the water at a very top level, taking into account what it costs

The triple relief not only has it incorporated at the bottom, as we told you at first (sorry for the little lie 😜), it is also incorporated on the other side , which will ensure that the external part, on both sides of the longer and retain its texture, its new aroma, for longer. Do other protective wrappers for erhu sold on the market give you things like this? Yes , but many of them are incorporated into mid-range erhus packs, shooting to medium-high and high-premium range , having to shell out a larger amount of money than what you are going to do here . Summary: this model is the most details you get for less. How to proceed when purchasing this protective cover for your erhu instrument? Below we reveal it to you 👇

Why buy this Oriental Music Santuary brand erhu instrument protective case?

Not everything that this section sums up was going to be gold, as you’ve seen so far. And we are here to tell you the good and the bad. Now, comes one of those “negative” things, so to speak, that is what you are going to suffer when receiving your protective case for your erhu instrument: When it comes from a Chinese warehouse, the product is shipped in a transport agency to the country itself through express parcel services, such as UPS or DHL, which at an international level, are two of the most renowned and one of which more money must be paid to enjoy their services

This can lead to, in the best of cases, receiving your protective suitcase in 3-4 weeks, and always including working days, which will take approximately one month. And, in the worst case, months where the demand peaks are higher or the parcel agencies are busier, such as the dates before Christmas or in the middle of Christmas, the delivery delay of the briefcase can take up to after a month and a half or about two months . They are not very well received by the user delivery time dates, so that we are going to fool ourselves, but for the modest price of the suitcase, of 20 dollars , your purchase is worth it.

Of course, its shipping cost will not be cheap to say, since you suffer, on the one hand, the extra value of money added by VAT and, on the other hand, customs duties, which although this product does not apply Due to its low value, the company has it included so that there are 0 problems when you receive the cover . That said, the shipping cost will be $52, which will lead to you having to shell out a total of $71 . If you have more uncertainty about your shipment, contact us and we will get in touch with Oriental Music Santuary

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