Set of strings for erhu instrument from D’Addario brand | The Nº 1 replacement string choice customers choose for their chinese violins!

Even the packaging on the outside is elegant, not to mention the ropes that it has incorporated, which are among the TOP on the market and at a low price. They are D’Addario’s string game, come to break the market for the second element you need most, after your erhu, of course

In different levels of mm in thickness, for different types of sounds , in different sizes of length, the presentation of the box in which it is packaged, which seems that we are in front of a product available at a hundred euros, the hundreds of users that guarantee it after having bought it…

We stop, for that, this section, dedicated to talking in depth about the strings and in what context it is best for you to use them. All this and more small print of this attachment are fully told here, in this exclusive section of Do not miss it!

What are the main characteristics of D’Addario’s signature string repertoire?

Its peculiarities, no matter how small, will not leave you indifferent and there is one in particular that we are almost convinced that you will be fascinated. Let’s see if you guess what it is:

  • The upholstery of the strings . Polished to the smallest detail, as soon as you take them out of the package you will see that you are in front of a product that could well be in a different price range . Likewise, it is qualified in one of the nomenclatures on the back of the box as “bright” . This shine will achieve a multitude of benefits, such as a better grip on the instrument and a texture that will not wear out over time
  • A pack of strings characterized by its mixture . That’s right, from the detail that they have added to protect the instrument from wear, mentioned above, such as the strings at different levels of mm so that it adapts to one scale or another. The strings are 15 inches in size, almost 40 centimeters
  • The fineness of the strings . Do not let this detail go unnoticed, since other sets of strings on the market are not tuned in terms of their sharpness . They are presented as less polished, as partially used, not giving you the musical experience you expect, and more when you are in front of a completely new erhu. With this set model, the opposite happens, so it is supported by things like the ones we will tell you below
  • The ability to adapt to any erhu . This repertoire of D’Addario ropes has been designed, not only to offer you the best possible musical experience, but also so that you do not have mishaps whatever the range of violin you have at home or that you are thinking of buying . Be it high-end, low-end, the ropes will anchor perfectly. Flexibility of adaptation in abundance!
  • Product packaging . Its size is presented in 12cm long and wide, and one cm thick, which will ensure that your set of ropes is protected, even, before having it in your hands , while it is transported by the corresponding parcel agency. Their extraction also has a previous step, which prevents them from opening by accident and falling directly to the ground

Best Offer of the string assortment for the D’Addario brand erhu instrument on Amazon today

What does this series of D’Addario high-end strings offer me compared to other sets on the market today?

Flexibility, as we have already mentioned above, not only in the package, but also when it comes to offering you the instructions in the language you like, whether you are a Chinese citizen residing in the United States or people from the United States or anywhere else, speaking Anglo-Saxon . Other repertoires on the market come in a single language: Chinese. This must be taken into account, although there are solutions from your smartphone in case you find that the instruction manual comes in a language that you do not understand. Many people who buy their erhu new, they come attached with standard strings

When they substitute these strings and use that of D’Addario , whose string repertoire not only encompasses that of the erhu, a lesser-known instrument, but also other more well-known and internationally expanded instruments such as the guitar. We continue, when they replace those strings, they realize something: the bass is more defined and the bass is not distorted, and whatever note is played, it sounds very defined . The strings that come at random when acquiring a brand new erhu, are fine to get out of trouble, but the sound is more blurred, much less clear, and the bass, in many cases, can be given more bass than normal

Sensations like these are endorsed by customers who have already purchased this repertoire of D’Addario strings, comparing it closely with the ropes that come by default. You will be able to get a very high quality sound, worthy of the most premium erhus on the market, the most professional, the most expensive on the market , for a low price of just under $ 16 . It has included up to ten strings, or at least that is what we have seemed to see. Anyway, you have several of them included . So you have enjoyment of the TOP music in your erhu for several years

Why buy this string set from erhu D’Addario?

Did you know that this product is labeled “Amazon’s Choice” ? That means that you are in front of one of those products that is one of the first things that people choose to buy on Amazon first. In other words, it is one of the best-selling Erhu related products in the American giant . This is not by chance. Value for money-performance there is no other set that will cough up

Now, what ways do you have to acquire your string set for your D’Addario brand erhu instrument? The first is the simplest, in which by entering a series of data that you can extract from your bank card, whatever you use, entering the data of the place where you want to receive the product, and choosing the shipping method, you will have your purchase. done. That easy!

You visit us from the US, Australia or you are a US citizen or of any other language, who is traveling in Spain, and see that this collection of ropes is not available on, you can purchase it on , leading to that yes, an extra shipping cost close to 9 dollars . In the event that you order it in the Amazon department that corresponds to you, such as for those who reside or are traveling in Australia, if it is in stock, it will take you directly to that particular department and the cost of Shipping will be standard, set at less than US $ 5. More information about it, contact us

You have an added 30-day money-back guarantee, a period that you have available from the moment you receive the product at the door of your house to return it for whatever reason and not lose your money. If you visit us in pre-Christmas times or in the middle of Christmas, your guarantee extends until January 31 of the following year

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