The best Thomann erhu instruments of 2021

With roots in Germany , everything indicates that Thomann has an important sector of these Chinese violins , although everything seems like wet paper, because first you have to go to see the exclusive catalog of Thomann erhus that has prepared for you with all the world passion

Like the passion they have for Thomann music , a slogan that appears on many billboards where the company name appears, with the phrase “the music is our passion” in bold and smaller, at the bottom

Two incentives: Germany and 100% dedication to music . Outcome? The most exclusive erhus inventory in the entire network for those users who are on an express trip through Europe and want to get a great model at an excellent price. You have it right down here. Look 👀 !:

List of the Best Offers for erhu violins at Thomann today

What models of erhu instruments do we currently have for sale at Thomann?

Depending on the type of finish it has, the accessories it has added to the pack, the type of user it is intended for and what use it is going to be given, we can classify the different types of erhu instruments that are for sale at Thomann. 3 models, all of them differentiated by a particular detail, we will tell you:

Erhu instrument in fir wood finish at Thomann

The first thing to review, and it is something that all the models in the section, is its own support to put it vertically, without having to lie on a wall or directly on the floor . Its head, the thickest area of ​​the instrument, stands out for having the typical hexagonal shape, where the body is pure black and the sides are in a resin finish, as if freshly extracted from nature. In the middle of both sides you have an element that achieves a better grip, something that we do not see in the eBay erhus catalog . If you have the handles in charge of tightening the strings and, later, tune them to your liking.Its finish is in natural wood, with another two pieces of wood, the part where it will border the palm of the hand, in a whiter tone , giving it a somewhat more polished appearance than erhus sold in other stores.

Its strings are not made of snakeskin, yet it is an element made through a chemical process which achieves standard sound quality . Proof of this is the price at which it is available at Thomann at £ 68 . If you want to know how much this is in dollars, go to . It does not include the corresponding bag to transport it from one place to another , details that make you stand before a lower range of erhu with a Thomann seal. The wood finish is sturdy enough that you can handle it for non-routine use for several years . It will not last as long as other higher-end erhu models, but the durability that this one presents for its price, is unquestionable.Those people who are just entering the world of erhu, who have a budget but want to spend too much money or do not have a loose budget , this is the model you have to buy

Erhu instrument in bamboo wood finish at Thomann

In this model, we do have our own characteristics that make us be in front of a high-end erhu , not the most premium quality as you will see below for a detail. We now have a bow made of Chinese wood, more mainly bamboo , which is how the two accessories in charge of tuning the erhu violin are upholstered. The head is still in an opaque tonality, but this time the appearance of the sides of it change to what looks like a kind of bee panel , as happened with other models discussed in our eBay section. Yellowish and opaque tones are mixed, and the small outlines of hexagons that well resemble the place par excellence of bees can be clearly distinguished.It has several accessories in the pack, hence it has a higher price than the previous model: 145 pounds sterling (almost 200 US dollars). Another thing that differs is the look of the tuning pegs grip.

Not to the element that is used, but to how they have been built, with a kind of relief that makes it better grip the touch of the hand in certain situations and for certain people who sweat more than normal in their hands . You still have that attachment capable of holding the string not only on the headstock, but also on the side of the hex headstock. It has the rods to strum the strings, the rosin in charge of polishing the strings and its own transport bag so that you can take it from one place to another like a true “erhuista” . The wood used to make this erhu is going to give you at least five years, and that is at a more than moderate price. Other alternatives on the market give you the same, but at double the price. Awarded by more advanced people when it comes to strumming with the erhu or who want to give it a more public than private use. If you are an advanced user of the erhu, have a comfortable budget and want one of the best Chinese violins in the Thomann catalog , this is the model you have to choose

Erhu instrument made of an exclusive wood from China at Thomann

Differentiated from the rest by having coconut shell in its structure. With this, you are in front of the strongest and most durable Thomann erhu on the market . It is known among the masses that the coconut shell is more unbreakable than that of the diamond. We do not believe that this is so, but come on, that both are hard is a fact. The rest has the usual: erhu ropes of organic origin, poles upholstered in Chinese wood and a finish distinguished by an opaque and light hue. Something that changes is the size of the tuner pegs. They become thicker in size , maintaining the relief design to ensure grip and no subsequent accidental slippage of the instrument. Although it is not an erhu as such, its design is inspired by the Chinese violin. That is why Thomann includes it in their catalog. It has an extra support on the neck, responsible for further strengthening the grip of the strings

He continues to include accessories in his pack, such as the carrying case, the rods to strum the strings, the rosin to sharpen the strings . Its head starts to have a rounded and flatter design, not in the shape of a cylinder with a somewhat smaller size. Its price is set at 170 pounds sterling , about 230 dollars. It is Thomann’s most expensive erhu, not differing much in cost from Thomann’s Erhuista model . Awarded by those people who are going to give it intensive use, 100% public and not private, although you can give it that use if you want. You have free freedom to do what you want, now, if you are one of those people who is not going to use it intensively, you better opt for the $ 200 model. Those who are going to use it in choirs, to give private lessons or do not care how much money to spend and want the best of the best in Thomann erhus , this is the model they have to buy

Why buy erhu instruments at Thomann?

Thomann, with t de… Tremendous! (Spanish word that said to English as tremendous). And why do we rate Thomann as “tremendous”? Because it has the most personalized shipping policy online of any other online store you see on the internet . An example of this is if you are one of those who is residing for a season, which we know, in Seychelles. Well, until there they can give you your erhu . How? Because they maintain close ties with two of the most renowned international parcel agencies: DHL and UPS

In little more than a week or at most two weeks, your erhu will arrive at the destination of Seychelles or wherever you want , because you have all the countries, islands and remote habitable places in the world! This is only the beginning, the tremendous party continues: you have the safest means of payment on the net, with bank cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal. And if you prefer or don’t have these cards on hand , you can choose to pay your Thomann erhu via bank transfer

And we go with the most tremendous of all: the money-back guarantee policy, with a 30-day money-back guarantee, after the date of purchase, and a 3-year guarantee. All this, whatever you buy, whether a cheap erhu or something more expensive from Thomann . For whatever reason, for 30 days you have the option to get your money back. After that time, you have the possibility, not only of recovering the disbursement made, but also of having an instrument with similar characteristics, totally new and without additional extra charges. Any questions about this, contact us

As additional information, you can add comments in case the place where you are is going to be difficult for the seller to locate, if you prefer that it comes packaged in a certain way and all with the help of the customer service that you have at Thomann , available for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year . Even though this cannot be guaranteed, and even more so if it is a remote destination, you can also select the specific delivery day that suits you best.