WuYue Brand Chinese Traditional Two-String Violin | The best low-end erhu on the market ideal for beginners!

We can only tell you that this almost the same model we have seen for sale in other places 5 times more than the value it has on Amazon What at fuck! It is what you have to have landed erhuinstrument.shop , which is not a fool and knows what this is about, and does not want its customers to be scammed

Model that is displayed by Google in the top positions (with the permission of our site, of course), ensures you are in front of a product that has an excellent value for money , a success in sales that you will not miss.

On this page we are going to tell you in depth all the particularities it offers you, how it differs from other models sold on the market and for what type of use it is intended . We don’t even talk about a person, we already gave you the clue in the title 😊 Scroll down and discover everything that this low-class erhu brings!

What are the main features of this WuYue stamped erhu model?

Despite its low price, one of its characteristics ensures that you are in front of an original product, not cheap copies:

  • The robustness of its finishes . It is the first to review. If they do not tell us the price it has, they really think that it is double or triple the price of what it really costs . Some finishes in wood from an exclusive tree in China (this is not what we have told you as an introduction to this strip of information just above), some strings of organic origin, some sticks to play the instrument of the same wood and durability insured . With this model you have a maximum of 5 years of life, and a minimum of 2 years
  • The shape of the tuner grips . Designed so that the person can take them out or put them in without problem, and can screw them at will to tune the strings and it does not cost anything, despite having a slightly sweaty or wet hand as a result of doing some conjugal activity . This always usually happens, that depending on the conditions, the instrument needs to adapt. In this case, it adapts 100% to any circumstance
  • The disparity in finishes between the tuners and the neck . One in a very clear tonality and the other totally opaque , giving you an external part of the instrument not only robust inside it, but also outside. Highlights the sides of the instrument head in a honeycomb finish, the same finish we see in eBay models and triple the price
  • The particular material from which the strings are made . Made of snake skin, this is one of those characteristics that ensures you are in front of a 100% Chinese product , an authentic erhu at a low price, a luxury. Having this type of material is very good. First, the sound quality will be different from if you use inorganic strings. And secondly, the durability of it will be less, as it will be more prone to tears and hold less over time.
  • The multitude of accessories included in the pack . Not only do you have a very worthy Chinese violin for its cost, it also gives us accessories that are the right eye of every erhu. Examples of this are the rosins that it has added, a sponge to sharpen the rod with which you strum the strings, a spare bridge and an online direction so that you learn the basic notions of playing the erhu . If you have everything an advanced user hopes to have in this instrument! Oh, and let’s not forget, it also has a protective cover included so you can transport it and protect it wherever you are
  • The duality of purchase that you have available: You can get this low-end erhu in a black finish with the sides in a kind of honeycomb or you can buy them with the same finish throughout its structure except for the sides of the head, which comes in teak wood . Below we tell you which purchase is more recommended for one type of finish on the side or another according to the client. This allows you to have a larger stock for this product compared to other models on the market, which only offer an alternative , in case the bee panel finish is not in stock the day you visit us.

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What things do I have in this model with respect to other erhus prototypes sold on the market at higher prices?

Its durability, something very present in other higher-end erhus, is something that you have impregnated in this model from minute one: Withstands strong blows and intense uses with it . Some models very cheap , usually widely used and use thereof is not too prolonged in time . It will not be the case of this model, that the manufacturer sends it completely new and without brand new . Its customers value it that way, where they reaffirm time and again that it is a very solid product, that it has nothing to envy other models with higher prices, and that it includes all kinds of accessories, something also very characteristic of the more expensive erhus.

Did you know that it also has spare strings added in its pack? It is something that happened to us to mention it to you above and you had to know it. This and everything said above, will allow you to save a lot in costs. They say the instructions are in Chinese, but that’s not a problem if you download the “Google Lens” app . (Click on the link to download it). Do not worry about this, there are many videos on YouTube and of ourselves so that before, during and after using it is more enjoyable.

The quality of its resonance box and the sound as such, is one of its things to review: It sounds very similar to a model of 200 or 300 dollars and its trunk, yes, you can only tune it in a couple of ranges, something that other higher-end models can go further . For a beginner user like you, this is enough

The type of user this model is intended for is any erhu fan who has never played it, novice and inexperienced people who want to give their first skills with the Chinese violin . For a more advanced user, we recommend other models with more expensive prices that, above all, give more play when it comes to strumming different notes with it. The users who already enjoy it already say it: at that price and for beginner users, you will not go wrong! Quality-price-equipment, a trio that no other model can cope with

Why buy this WuYue beginner erhu from our online store?

For our citizens residing in the US, close to this country or some Spanish user who for whatever reason has seen that there are no models at good prices available on amazon.es, here you have the product extracted from amazon.com and with a greater stock insured , thanks to one of the things we told you above. (Go read it if you have been lazy for it, go). You can get this erhu either through an instant purchase , by entering the bank details of your bank card or by using “Amazon Pay” , if you have accumulated dollars to spend

The shipping cost costs you a few extra dollars, if your shipping address is in the US or countries close to it, such as Mexico, or it costs around twenty dollars, if you are on an express trip in Spain and want to give a gift to someone special. Depending on the country, more or less remote, the shipping cost will be higher or lower

Speaking of gifts, know that you can wrap it to give it on Christmas Day or Three Kings DayYou have a 30-day return policy, whatever model you buy. And if you are lucky and visit us one month after Christmas or in full Christmas time, know that you have a guarantee until January 31 of the following year

Check with the seller or if you want to contact us , so you know if you can buy this model by paying a fixed fee for a certain period of months. In other words, to see if you can buy it in financing mode and thus, those users who have more financial difficulties, may also have it , paying a tiny figure for “x” months. We are not going to allow for the world that you leave here without having your erhu reserved and purchased!

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